Bubahof is a place in Prague where people live and work, with rooms and studios arranged around a courtyard.

On a permanent basis, it accommodates Franco-Czech artists and offers creative residencies.

Members of the Bubahof collective have in common an intense artistic activity and a spirit of sharing, which are reflected in the way the place is organized, with plants growing side by side with home-made furniture.

The way of life that has been invented at Bubahof encourages people to be creative in everything they do: cooking, gardening, drawing, ceramics, writing, photography… The skills of all the members are used to make the community live and strengthen everyone’s practices.

The collective organizes events, including screenings, exhibitions, workshops and tasting sessions which enable guests to gather, share and discuss.

These projects take place in the actual Strasnicka courtyard, or extra muros, in art venues and institutions in France and the Czech Republic.


— by Anne-Claire Barriga, translation Simon Pleasance for bubahof


Flash Art Czech & Slovak Edition
No. 45, Volume XI
september-november 2017

Vážení návštěvníci, omluvte prosím dočasnou nefunkčnost některých sekcí webu Bubahof.com vlivem úprav grafického rozložení.