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L’anniversaire de la naissance de František Suchý


The anniversaries on the 21st of June 2019:
– 120 years since the birth of František Suchý (1899)
– 80 years since the introduction of anti-Semitic regulations that were valid in Germany and in the space of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (1939). On the same day, Alois Lorenz was born, the last head of the StB (Czechoslovak State Security)
– 70 years since the first judicial murder of the Communist regime – the execution of Heliodor Píka in the prison of Bory (1949)
– Summer solstice
– The pride day; a recollection of the first marches for the rights of LGBT people in Greewich Village in 1969
– 51 years since the beginning of the military exercise “Šumava” of the states of the Warsaw Pact countries in the territory of Czechoslovakia (1968)
– 398 years since the execution of 27 Bohemian noblemen on the Old Town Square in Prague (1621)

The visual renovation of the park: bubahof and Michal Pěchouček
Sound installation: Ondřej Skala (JTNB / JTNB / Ježíš táhne na Berlín / Jesus marches on Berlin)

– Art workshop for kids: Nářez štětcem (Brush Thrashing)
– The cinema story of František Suchý (Paměť národa – The Memory of Nations), introduction Mikuláš Kroupa
– Literature session: Josef Straka, Tomáš Zmeškal, Kamil Bouška, Norbert Holub ( Městská knihovna – Dům čtení)
– Music: JHB; Marie Ladrová

František Suchý * 21. 6. 1899 † 23. 1. 1982
Since 1932 the director of the Crematorium of Strašnice. In the time of the Protectorate when the victims of political murders from the prisons of Pankrác and Kobylisy were burnt in the crematorium, František Suchý and his son recorded the names of the victims and kept their ashes. Thus, he saved the remains of 2200 victims of Nazism that would otherwise be composted. In 2011 he was awarded the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

František Suchý Jr. * 17. 4. 1927 † 7. 6. 2018
František was only 16 years old when he was helping to write down the names of people who were executed by the Nazis. When they started to bring new bodies of executed people after the war, he decided to join the national resistance. His father again kept the ashes of victims, this time of the Communist regime. The relatives of the executed were informed that the bodies are cremated but were not allowed to see the body or to be present at the ceremony. The young František also held the urn of Milada Horáková.
Mr and Mrs Suchý were arrested for a short time in 1949 for helping another family to flee from the country and in 1952 František Suchý Jr. was arrested. The parents were sentenced to 4 and 4,5 years and their son František to 25 years in the prison at Mírov. He was freed in the autumn of 1964 after serving the half of the sentence. In 2017 he was awarded the Memory of Nations Award.

Their fates are mingling at the background of the anti-Nazi and anti-Communist regime. The one-day event in the Park of František Suchý is meant to celebrate the birth of an important native whose name the park bears. We want to remind the local people of the tradition of the fight against totalitarianism and at the same time revitalize and help to maintain this place. In our opinion, the fates of the landscape architect and crematory director František Suchý and his son are not known well enough. We would like the park to become and remain a respectable commemoration place of the victims whose ashes they helped to save for their relatives – risking their own lives.

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