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Exhibition by Baptiste Charneux, Clotilde Deschamps-Prince, Benjamin Tejero.

For a day, Bubahof opens its doors. You are invited to discover the possibilities of this living and creating place.

For Baptiste Charneux, the garden yard is a repertory of shapes, then it becomes an exhibiting space. He used the bricks found in the yard as basic cells for a serie of ceramic sculptures. These sculptures are adorned through a precious use of colors and textures. The pedestals become lines in the space, drawing a signage for the viewer’s gaze. The eye wanders along the metal pipes, stops on the details of a pattern, turn around the openings, get lost between the layers. This unveiling of forms is an invitation to rethink sensually our relation to objects, architecture and the city surrounding this yard.

The second part is set in the atelier. But this atelier emptied of it’s tools only reveals what’s crystallized inside.

Several wooden pedestals define a walk around black stoneware volumes. The material is opaque with soft colors accents here and there. These are figurative representations. And if one is tempted to project their own narration into it it’s because they are as strong as symbols. Benjamin Tejero first imagined this serie through drawings then turned them into objects. Beginning form an intimate grieving process he sculpts the memory material, revealing the need to record traces and absences.

On the wall, Clotilde Deschamps-Prince’s diptych spreads shamelessly a queer sexual encounter. The shapes are ambiguous, the colors vibrants, what could be a pornographic picture is built like an icon. There is not much from icon to fetish : a serie of fetishist masks is a pretext to enjoy the aesthetics variations of graphism. However when the gaze is excited, isn’t the mind led to think ? Think about the power of desire and the bodies and prosthesises that incarnate it. These images try to propose representations for what’s outside the norm, hence mostly unshowable.

Clotilde Deschamps-Prince


With Anne-Claire Barriga, documentation céline duval, Dita Lamačová, Benjamin Tejero.

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