Justine Viard, artist in residency, 2019

Residency in Bubahof, Prague 10 – Strašnice

11.02 — 5.03.2019

Justine Viard, born in 1987, lives and works in Normandy, France. In 2012, she graduated from the School of Art and Media of Caen (ESAM) with a Master in Art with a specialization in Intermedia, catalogue p.64—65. Co-founder of Bambi Kramer éditions since 2009, Justine Viard later opened a silk screen workshop, Chasse à courre ( Hunting ) in 2017, where she continues to develop her photography practice. With the strength of her know-how, the artist renews the experience and is now arriving in Bubahof for a three weeks residence, with the generous project to gift the organization its own silk screen workshop. The first prints are a testimony of her wanderings in the city of Prague and its surroundings and they directly enrich her personal stock of images.

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